Quality Policy is displayed and appropriate training programs are conducted to ensure that the policy is understood. Team Leader ensures that the Quality Policy is implemented & maintained at all levels and communicates to the organization need for technological awareness and the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

Appropriateness of Quality Policy and Objectives is reviewed through Management Review Meeting. If necessary, Quality Policy / Objectives are amended to suit it to changed situation(s).

“SIGMA METAL CAST is committed to achieve Customer Satisfaction by time bound delivery of quality products through constant adherence to Quality Management System and Continual Improvements in the Organization”.

The Quality Policy is based on the purpose of the organization and organization’s perception of current and near future requirements, as well as expectations of customer. The Quality Policy provides framework for the organization to establish and review progress on Quality Objectives.

The extent of Effective Implementation of Quality Policy is judged through regular measurement and review of performance against pre-set Quality Objectives. The information regarding parameters used for the purpose of the performance evaluation is monitored. Top management reviews the product realization and the support processes related performance using the measurable target of process performance and related company-level.

To achieve the Quality Objectives, the Quality Management System consistent with ISO – 9001:2015 is established, implemented and maintained. Adherence to the documented Quality System ensures that the final products are of consistent quality meeting specified requirements thereby leading to customer satisfaction.

We are committed to produce and deliver products to the satisfaction of the customers by continually improving our Quality Management System.

ISO – 9001:2015 certified by TuV for Manufacture and Supply of Grey and Ductile Iron Castings.



• Spectrometer : ARL (Swiss) make with 26 elements analyzing capacity.
• Image analyser : With camera attached to the microscope.
• Sand testing : All the necessary sand testing equipments for both green sand molding & shell molding process.
• Wet lab : Full fledged wet lab for chemical analysis.
• UTM : 40 Tons capacity Universal Testing Machine for Tensile strength, Yield strength and Elongation.
• Hardness tester : 3000 kgs Brinell Hardness Testing machine.
• Impact testing machine
• Endoscope machine : for inspection of intricate inner profiles in products meant for critical application.



We are maintaining the following documentation systems to assure quality.
• Metal Chemistry Register
• Mechanical testing Log Book
• Dimensional inspection Log Book



We are conducting & providing the following certificates to the customer for every batch supply.
• Chemical test certificate
• Physical / Mechanical test certificate



The Quality Team supervises the Q.A / Q.C aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with Quality Circles. We ensure 100% traceability for the produce.


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