For nearly 25 years, spanning two generations, our family has been supplying high-quality iron castings to a variety of industries. Here at Sigma Metal Cast, we are committed to four things: providing extraordinary service at a low net cost, constantly exploring ways to increase efficiencies and reduce our long term costs, ensuring a safe and ecologically friendly environment and providing our craftsmen and women with a progressive, safe, family and career oriented workplace. Sigma Metal Cast is a team of dedicated professionals having distinct experience in gray iron casting industry. It has been our constant endeavour to provide distinct service to our valuable clients.

Why Us

By working together with our customers, we are constantly gaining a proper in-sight of our service expectations which is helping us to stand out in the competition. Our team is mainly recognised for expertise in meeting various limitations of major industrial sector without compromising on our service as well as quality standards. Our service and quality standards have always been beyond the expectations of our valuable clients as we have been working upon our limitations since 1989 and have always offered services to various industrial sectors beyond the possibility. We are constantly thinking in terms of possibilities rather than thinking in terms of limitations, as far as our service sector is concerned.

Best In Class Practices

We are recognised in the market for consistent and high-quality castings without compromising on the commited delivery time. Our core values are driven by dedication and innovation in our daily service operations. We believe to work with the highest standards of integrity and dedicated workforce. Experience of our workforce is constantly helping us to meet the challenges of our service industry.

Long Term Value Creation

Our focus is on long term value creation through exceptional and dedicated management of our business. We are committed to creating value through oversight from our best-in-class management team while understanding our long term strategic focus

Our dedication to innovation is exemplified by our constant investments in our industry, which has given us an unrivalled technical expertise and operational performance.


We believe in protecting the health and safety of all of our employees. We are committed to providing our employees with the tools and skills necessary to create a safer work environment. That is why we create safety-related initiatives including system development, education, and training. We are dedicated to continually improving our processes to make our facilities as safe as possible.


We believe in respect for the environment. That is why we use metallic by-product from other industries and why we also reuse or recycle our own foundry residuals. These efforts are achieved by recycling 95% of the sand used in our greensand molds and by re-melting 100% of the excess metal generated during the manufacturing process. The materials that we are unable to reuse or recycle are turned into asphalt and other materials to build and repair local roads and highways. Where possible, our foundries and our Corporate Center are equipped with windows to light the facilities with natural light to reduce energy consumption.

With a focus on service, safety, and producing high quality Gray and Ductile Iron castings we are your partner for your casting needs. Whether you need a rough casting weighing ounces or a fully painted and machined part weighing 200 pounds, we are your source. Our family owned and operated company uses cutting edge foundry technology to provide high quality reasonably priced castings for our customers.

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